Product background

Putting in the wrong fuel is a problem that has been exacerbated in recent years by the fact that diesel nozzles now share the same pump space with unleaded ones, rather than being stuck in the far corner of the forecourt. Misfuelling is the fourth biggest driver-induced fault among fleet drivers.

The product provides a conceptual, innovative and original technological solution that is unique and very practical and can be combined with existing components and technologies. This product and solution can be successfully integrated into the automotive industry and automotive accessories and other motorized transportation products and vehicles.

The unique product presented here was developed to provide an innovative, creative, practical and commercial solution to identify and prevent fueling a car with the incorrect fuel.

The Solution

Mechanism and designated ring-shaped device placed at the opening of the fuel tank

The Problem

Filling up a car or other machine with unsuitable fuel (for example: petrol instead of diesel)