RAA: Misfuelling Costs Australian Motorists $10 Million

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Many of us will know someone who has accidently filled a car's tank with the wrong fuel type, and a new study has revealed the full cost that 'small' mistake to Australian motorists.

South Australia’s peak motoring group the RAA has calculated that Australians spend around $10 million each year on the aftermath caused by misfuelling.

On average, around 7,500 incidents of mis-fuelling occur in Australia each year, with 600 of those occurring in SA.

By far the most common mistake is motorists filling diesel tanks with petrol, with the cost of rectifying the situation dependant on when the refueller noticed their error.

For those that noticed before they started the engine, the cost is around $468 on average to flush the fuel system and change the filters, not to mention the wasted fuel.

However, driving away from the service station with the wrong fuel is another matter entirely, as major repairs from the resulting damage can range from $4000 to $17,000 depending on the vehicle, with the average repair costing $7000.

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