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:(Vehicles sold in the U.S (Q1 2020


Diesels sold in the U.S.
:(Q1 2020)
(3.7% of Total Vehicles Sold)

Alternative fuel vehicles sold in
:(the U.S. (Q1 2020
(7.9% of Total Vehicles Sold)

RAA: Misfuelling Costs Australian Motorists $10 Million

Many of us will know someone who has accidently filled a car's tank with the wrong fuel type, and a new study has revealed the full cost that 'small' mistake to Australian motorists. South Australia’s peak motoring group the RAA has calculated that

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wrong fuel can cost £3,000

A COMMON mistake that hundreds of thousands of drivers are making with their car every year could cost £3,000 to repair. Here’s what it is and how to avoid it happening to you. Hundreds of thousands of drivers are making

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Falsch getankt: Bis zu 10.000 Euro Schaden

Benzin statt Diesel: Falsches Betanken kann teuer werden – insbesondere dann, wenn Diesel-Aggregate mit Sechs- oder Acht-Zylinder-Motoren betroffen sind. Dann kann der Schaden bis zu 10.000 Euro betragen. Benzin statt Diesel getankt: Problematisch, weil Benzin keinerlei Schmierwirkung besitzt. Deshalb wird

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The Number Of Mistakes Made Per Year In Some Countries Around The World

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